Better talent. Faster hires.

Save time and money! Stop wasting time sifting through responses to expensive ads. While you get on with the aspects of running your business, allow us to spend the time and resources  that you would otherwise have to spend in order to find top notch candidates.

Think outside of the box! Many times our candidates are not actively seeking employment, and therefore may be different from what you may find through your own resources. We approach our search with one thing in mind: finding what you need…we will reach out to Passive candidates in order to get in touch with that A level person with the qualifications that you seek.

Quality Over Quantity – We are not a resume mill! We use technology to increase efficiency on our team, but believe in providing a personal and superior level of service that embraces confidentiality, reliability, innovation, and adaptability. We listen to our customers to fully understand their cultures, philosophies, desired skill sets, and compensation structures. Our recruiters speak with all prospective candidates to fully understand their career goals and to gauge their interest level before submitting resumes to you for consideration.

Confidentiality – Have a hiring need that you do not want to advertise? We will perform confidential searches, discreetly sourcing from the network that we have built. We can make calls on your behalf to the types of candidates that you are interested in before sharing your company name.

No surprises – We work closely with you throughout the interview process and continue to communicate with both you and the candidate after the hire is made. If there are concerns, we will work to alleviate them.

No risk – We stand behind our professionals with a satisfaction based guarantee. If for some reason, your hire is not a success, we will find a replacement, based upon the terms of the agreement that we make with you.

Anticipate First Class Candidates- By getting to know our clients well, we can continuously keep your preferences in mind. You may hear from us periodically with information about a candidate that you would find interesting. We truly have your long term success in mind.

Contingent Searches – You have nothing to lose. All work is contingent, so fees are only earned if our candidate is hired! You can review and even meet as many of our candidates that you would like. You will only pay our fee if you select our candidate for employment.

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